Utility and Beauty

Your new addition will not only give you the much-needed room for your lifestyle, but you'll also have the opportunity to take advantage of new ways to add some ambiance and introduce some additional elements into the design.

Maximize the Use of your Space

In addition to designing your addition to meet you current requirements, think about what you also might need down the road and plan for the future. Now is the time to consider all the options instead of second-guessing yourself later.

Make it Look Like it Belongs 

You likely bought your home because you liked its characteristics, the neighbourhood and/or the investment potential. Expand on those characteristics when you consider building on an addition.


Have fun exploring the possibilities! You’ve made the decision to add a little extra space; while functionality is certainly a major element in that decision, think about how you want to enhance your lifestyle with your new addition. Get that ‘better’ view of the yard, improve the flow from room to room, or perhaps add light in those dark areas.