bring new life to your ensuite

Transforming outdated master bathrooms using today's materials and fixtures can rejuvenate a house. This master bathroom creates a dramatic statement and is a relaxing getaway.

good things in small(er) packages

A bathroom doesn’t need to be big to make a statement. Colours, lighting, mirrors and glass enclosures keep things open and airy.

re-thinking your space

Who says a room must be defined by doors and walls? Removing the barriers between rooms change how you use appreciate the beauty that you have created. We’ve got some tips on how to make the most of your space.

Your Bathroom, Your Lifestyle

Functionality is a prime consideration in any bathroom, but not everyone defines it the same way. For example, a young working couple both vying for sink time in the morning begs for different considerations than a single person's relaxing retreat. Your lifestyle influences how you wish to use the available space and the type of statement you wish to make.