Each project is different. Renovations can sometimes be stressful or disruptive. Our job is to understand your expectations and work with you to make the experience an enjoyable one.

Earning a reputation of service and quality does not happen accidentally. We work at it every day and on every project by:

  • engaging you in the process
  • delivering in a way that minimizes any disruption and mess
  • bringing a team together that are the best in the business 

Planning and Communications

Removing uncertainty about how all the pieces of your project fit together goes a long way in making things run smoothly.  That requires a solid plan and ongoing communications. What we do is:

  • we work collaboratively with existing/new architects, planners, designers and trade professionals
  • we make sure we are working with you to accommodate changes or unavoidable delays
  • we provide ongoing budget planning and monitoring

minimizing any potential disruption

We take as much pride in making the experience an enjoyable one as we do in the quality of the results. We are consumers, too... and we treat your home/business as we would like ours treated:

  • Being mindful of your needs during any construction (i.e., animals, noise, guests/tenants/customers)
  • Protecting exposed areas and surfaces to minimize mess and disruption 
  • Daily cleanup

Protecting project traffic areas, putting up dust protectors and maintaining a clean work area is a major component of any project. And if there is something special you would like us to do… just let us know.

We treat your home/business as we would treat our own.