Hiring a general contractor doesn't mean you're entirely off the hook. The best projects are those that involve everyone that has a vested interest in the outcome... ongoing communications that keep everyone up-to-date along the way.

A few things that you can do to help us keep things moving along:

  • Permits are registered to a property/property owner and carry with them a responsibility under their terms. We’d be happy to help with applications and interpretations.
  • Parking may be an issue in some areas, especially in a downtown core. A call to neighbours and to the city to alert them to activity at your property would be beneficial.
  • Access to the property may require some co-ordination. Each project is unique and the type of access often varied.
  • Animals are wonderful, but sometimes intimidating and always at risk on a job site. Keeping them safe and secure is a priority.
  • Changes and additions are expected and can certainly be accommodated. The earlier they can be identified, the better it will be from both a time and cost perspective.
  • Keep an eye on the budget. None of us wants any surprises.
  • Expect the unexpected. Although it is not an inevitability, during the course of a project we may be faced with something we didn’t count on. With your help, we’ll work through it and make sure you get the best results in a timely fashion.